D.W. Retail Services offers the best possible shelf investment in storage media, computer and mobile accessories. Our products are aimed at the electronic digital mobile customer and are a profitable product category for the on-line and off-line consumer electronics retail channel.

About D.W. Retail Services

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D.W. Retail adds value

Our portfolio is based on a Good – Better – Best-proposition offering the right products for a diversity of customer segments. Next to offering quality products at a competitive price, we also add value in your pre sales, sales and after sales process.

Sales & marketing support

Our experienced sales & marketing team is fully equipped to support you in defining the best proposition for your target markets. Based on product and market knowledge we can help you to select the right products and promotions supported by planograms and (product) content.

Logistic services

Our central warehouse is located in the Netherlands, near Schiphol airport and the port of Rotterdam. From there we distribute goods to a large number of European countries. We can offer logistic services tailored to your needs, varying from repacking and customer-specific labeling of goods up to f.o.b.-shipping and drop shipments.

After-sales support

After-sales support is an important tool for customer satisfaction. Our after sales support department is the entry point for users in case of malfunction and can help them to optimize the use of their product.


Philips is an established brand name with a high global brand awareness and quality perception. The Philips brand covers many product groups from TV/ Audio and domestic appliances up to medical systems. Our product group covers USB flash drives, memory cards, Solid State Drives (SSD) and optical media.

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For most of us, smartphones have become an indispensable accessory. The Grixx portfolio contains charging and audio products that enable smartphone users to optimize the use of their device. The range covers chargers, cables, powerbanks, headphones and many more for Apple and Android mobile users.

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Private Label Products

In addition to distribution brands, we can also deliver products under private label. Our sourcing department has access to a large network of reliable, qualified suppliers. This enables us to customize products to your needs and wants.

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Private label

Private label products can give you that competitive edge you need in competitive markets. Our sourcing department can advice you in all phases from idea generation up to warranty handling. For more information please contact us.

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Medical Disposables

For hospitals and other parties in the DACH-healthcare sector we also distribute the medical disposables product portfolio of Grixx Medical. For more information about these products please visit www.grixxmedical.com or contact us.

Part of Leli Group Holding

Leli Group Holding is the sourcing and purchasing organization for the associated sales organisations D.W. Retail. Leli is the official economic operator/ importer for Philips storage media in Europe and the Americas and brand holder of Grixx smartphone accessories.

Leli is a specialised importer/ manufacturer that sources and markets quality products at a reasonable price, that are produced in a social and environmental responsible way. For that reason Leli is member of the Amfori BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). This means that our products are only produced in factories that meet the BSCI standards. Our manufacturing partners adhere to a code of conduct including a ban on child and forced labor, safe and healthy working conditions and the freedom to be a member of a (trade) union.